Samsung Galaxy S7


The best Samsung smartphone on the market. Enhanced features, better processor, higher quality pictures. The S7 is opne of the stand out phone of 2016

totterdell's review

The S7 comes with a host of new technology improving on its predecessor.

Firstly, back comes its water and dust proof rating of IP68. Meaning it's been tested to 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. Always bear in mind that if it drops in any liquid other than clean water you will need to rinse the phone to ensure it protected from corrosion.

The camera bump is now smaller. A common complaint with the S6 is that due to camera protrusion it doesn’t lie flat on a surface. Samsung have always wanted people to lie the phone face down as a privacy feature but the clamour for a smooth back and front has meant they have reduced, but not eradicated this problem.

What many will see as the best move by Samsung is that they have reinstated the MicroSD card slot, so expandable storage of up to 200GB is possible. Meaning we are unlikely to see any but a 32GB internal memory. Make sure when getting a memory card you opt for a class 10 or above card. These cards perform quicker and far more effectively than the cheaper models. You will notice the difference!

The phone is slightly thicker than the S6 partly to reduce the camera bump but also to make more room for a larger battery. At 3000mAh the battery needs to be charged far less during normal use. It’s also vastly different to the iPhone 6s which looks positively antiquated at 1715mAh.

Colour wise only Black Onyx and Platinum Gold colours are available although talk of a silver version are still on going.

Another new feature is how it handles auto-brightness for reading the screen. Both the S7 and S7 Edge include a new feature called Personalised Automatic Brightness Control. This remembers your preferences at various levels of ambient light. It then ties those settings to the current reading from its ambient light sensor.

Interestingly Samsung has dropped the camera resolution from 16- down to 12Mp for the Galaxy S7. This may seem strange but with an f/1.7 aperture and a larger pixel size to let in more light Samsung is confident that they are continuing the improvements to the camera that make it a rival to Sony in this area.


Overall it’s a beautiful phone and with the extra storage and IP rating it’s probably enough to make you move from other android phones to this and certainly anyone with an S5 or lower should be making the move. Is there enough to make you upgrade from an S6? I’m not so sure especially as looks wise there is very little differentiation. Overall though this phone is set to dominate the market in 2016.



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