Huawei P10


The P10 & P10+ are exactly what we’ve come to expect from Huawei, beautifully designed, easy to use phones with excellent cameras. These phones don’t disappoint. 

totterdell's review

The P10 & P10+ are Huawei’s 2017 flagship phones, aiming to compete with the Samsung S8 and iPhone 8, when it comes, but at a lower price point. Whilst we have to wait and see what Apple bring out, there’s no doubting the P10 offers enough improvements on the P9 of last year to make the price conscious buyer seriously consider this phone over the Samsung S8.

The first thing you notice is just how good the phone feels in your hand. Metal casing and smooth curved lines make the phone easy to use. At 5.1” and 5.5” respectively the P10 & P10+ are not too large to be cumbersome.  Almost all you need to do on the phone can be carried out using one hand. At 7mm thick and only 142g in weight, I was really impressed with the feel of the phone.

Looks wise it lends itself more towards an iPhone. Certainly if you were just to quickly glance at the phone you may well think you’re looking at an iPhone 7. The metal exterior feels suitably solid, and the use of Gorilla Glass 5 on the front screen should offer reasonable scratch-resistance.

So beyond it being aesthetically pleasing on the eye and easy to hold what else is new? Huawei are certainly aiming to be THE smartphone for camera quality. Their link up with Leica has really paid dividends with the camera quality both front and back excellent. Snapping photos in quick succession is a breeze and it's easily one of the fastest on a phone that I've ever seen for this. The camera setup performs excellently in many different conditions with the improved software certainly making for a slicker, more responsive process.

Another big win for the company is the battery life. In this little phone, you get a whopping 3,200mAh battery. That means you will easily get through a day of heavy use of the phone without the need to charge. Which is certainly something that you can say about some of its rivals.

The screen quality on the P10 isa fairly standard 1080p resolution display. On paper, this is a marked step down from the P10 Plus, which comes with a 5.5-inch with a 2K resolution display. That said unless you are madly into your pixel density, you’re not going to notice the difference. It’s a good viewing experience from various angles. If I had any complaint at all, and I may be being a bit picky here, the phone isn’t always great in very bright sunlight, but then mot many phones are.

Once again, Huawei has it’s finger print sensor on the front. I may have preferred to see it on the back but it still amazes with the speed and accuracy of the sensor. A short press acts as the standard Back button, while a long press brings you back to the homescreen. Swiping left or right will bring up the apps overview screen. I’s all very easy and smooth to sue.


Overall, it’s very difficult to find fault with the phone. It looks great, feels great to use, has an excellent camera, superb battery life and decent processor. It runs on the latest Nougat OS and price wise beats its rivals hands down. Add to that the lowest returns rate of any manufacturer and this phone should be a huge hit. They’ll just have to spend more money on marketing to get through the noise about the Samsung S8 which launches around the same time.